Mitre Tensile birth story (part 2)

Application of different graphic designs on the models that was built in part 1. The most work was done on 26 panel ball just to reduce the quantity of work. From this point was chosen 3 directions and further reduced to one.

This is the version that was mostly liked by Mitre.

A lot of work on finalization of design for side view was done. Deep search for the best configuration of stripes connection.

Was decided to stay at clean look and the 3d model passed to stage of rapid prototyping. Half of the ball was printed by Multicolor ZPrinter from ZCorp, that i learned to operate during the project. The model was created to test the effect of spinning ball and graphics proportions. That was really great expirience to maintain and manage all process.

Taking layout to production. One of the biggest challenges was to flatten the spheric shape and make the lines come together. With help of Omri was created draft patching from masking tape and then translated to vector.

After that was made adaptation of the graphic design to new 10 patch. Final result.

Mitre Tensile

Mitre Tensile

Mitre Tensile

Mitre Tensile

Mitre and Mitre logos are registered trade marks of Mitre Spotrs International Ltd.

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