Spacecrafts BS series

BS 800 spacecraft is asymmetric 80 meters light rocket frigate inspired by McDonnell Douglas Phantom. The wing and tail frames are generating electromagnetic fields that building tight surfaces with zero weight.
BS600 spacecraft sketch

BS600 Spacecraft with fish like shape is 58 meter light frigate. For the ship the same technology of zero thickness and now weight is used.
BS800 spacecraft sketch

BS750 spacecraft is inverted dynamic wings 73 meter spacecraft. High performance spacecraft, like Bugatti, it hits the road and splits the matter of the space.
BS750 spacecraft sketch

BS1000 spacecraft is 108 meters frigate with transparent solar panel in the middle of the body. Slim shape increases inertia while low profile body makes the ship less vulnerable.
BS1000 spacecraft sketch

First sketches, the point where the BS series project is started from.
Initial sketches for BS series spacecrafts

Initial sketches for BS series spacecrafts

Thanks to Johan Drievis Jonker for the project name. :)

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