Sports car

Came to the end a wonderful introduction course of car design with Alex Padwa.
I feel that I have improved not only a technique but solidated a style. In principe, the style is one of the main components of the identity of designer. While in a field of industrial design for the average designer is not considered as important to develop his own style, let's say not like for an illustrator. I tend to disagree this approach. If observe from opposite side where we consider an examples of great designers, like Philippe Starck, Karim Rashid or Ross Lovegroove, we will see the strong style they created and promoted. For sure its positively influenced to their grow and helped them to become a recognizable.

The result from a penultimate class of this course.

Sport car

To this class came for visit Nir Siegel, a good friend of mine and very talented designer.

His creation. Not bad at all :D

Alex Padwa, the tutor.

Passionate car designers.

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