Wing spaceship.

I was highly impressed by spaceships from very young age. I can remember the days I watched sci-fi moves with psychotic interest, trying to capture and remember all frames with space apparatuses. After that I was drawing them and trying to design from scrap materials. Most successful models are survived till today and standing on the shelfs at mothers home. :)

At teenage ages I had a lot of free time that was gladly dedicated to computers. I was kinda geek. But most time I wasn't spending at chats or games, I was trying and testing 3D software. From books I have learned to build and render my ideas in 3Ds MAX. I was spending more then 10 hours a day in front of monitor just having fun from creation of 3D scenes.

Now, cleaning up my back up disks I have found some works from that period. Among them was buried a "Wing" bubble spaceship model, made at 2000. It's one of the works that later was included to my studies application portfolio.

Once I watched "Lost in space" movie and was highly impressed by "Eagle One" bubble fighter. At that time I could't find any images or any info about the ship. I had only a particle remembrance of it's shape. After some planing I have designed, modeled and animated simplified bubble spaceship in 3Ds MAX 4.

"Eagle one" bubble fighter from "Lost in space"

Side view drawing from 1999.

side view drawing

Wing spaceship version one model.

ver 1 wing ship

wing in space


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