Terra Prix for Local Motors

The Terra Prix vehicle and support craft made for sketch competition "Terra Prix 2085. Race the World" organized by Local Motors

Terra Prix - The Race

"There have been races around the world in the past, but Terra Prix is a completely new kind of race. Terra-Pax and the International Prototype Racing Federation are challenging teams to build 1 race vehicle and at least 1 airborne support craft that can make the voyage around the world - A voyage of almost 51,000 miles (82,000Km). There will be a total of five checkpoints where teams can stock up on supplies and parts. Other than those checkpoints teams must be self sufficient and carry enough provisions to complete the race."

Terra Prix racer

Terra Prix racer is high performance, long distance crosscountry vehicle. Rigid, sportive tricycle that can run days and nights providing all basic needs for a driver and navigator during the race. In Terra Prix tricycle applied most advanced eco friendly technologies like water collecting and purifying system that supplies water to hydrogen engine and operators. Advanced modularity technologies and high durability nano materials designed to stand hard in multiple racing conditions.

Specifications and special abilities.

Other functions. Photovoltaic material kite and front unit ski.

Initial sketch based on my old drawing.

Kite investigation sketches and wheel cover design options.

Final sketches with fixed proportions and full detalization.

Some initial rendering.

The iridescent red color, Red Terra team coloring.

Environments. Brake.

Antarctica theme.

Support craft.

Terra Prix Carrier's design based on BS900 Crawler spacecraft layout. After some minor interior changes it  can carry up to 20 team members and supplies for them for long distance travel. Carrier does have space to provide full maintains for two Terra Prix racers.

In difference with BS900 the Carrier is adapted to fly on low and high altitudes.

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