Lightweight, hi-tech, low velocity exploratory spacecraft produced by private aerospace applications company Aerologic. The body of the vessels is made of layered electromagnetic material that stores the energy and data between the layers. The energy is used to build a non-physical connection between the frontal wings and the body. The wings are controlled by differentiation of the voltage in the material. The same energy is used to generate zero thickness surfaces in tail and rear wings openings. Those technologies were developed by Aerologic to spare mechanical parts, reduce weight, and minimise assembly complexity of the vehicle.

Pearl white basic, affordable variant.
BSLA 763 Pearl white

Buoyant blue, for stressful low temperatures environments.
BSLA 763 Buoyant blue

Glowing red, extra dense material for increased energy storage and longer operation time.
BSLA 763 Glowing red

Iridescent green, self healing outer surface for work in acid rich environments.
BSLA 763 Iridescent green

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