Hackney Carriage

New Hackney Carriage research started form history of London transportation, from its heritage carts, carriages and finished at the modern vehicles and the automobile innovations. Through the exploration was decided to create a memorable attraction and new, unique experience.

The main idea was to make a replica of the past and the future. To create the new icon that will represent Mayor of London. To combine a contrasting shapes and reflections of the modern city with its historical appearance in one object. To design a celebration of the old and the new.

In this concept the connection of visitors to the city is starting from the point of their arrival by giving a pleasant introduction tour without sacrificing such demanded comfort for tired traveler. Airy, light interior provides the best experience by its wide transparency. Interactive screen placed on the floor screens the path of the cab and pop-ups the annotations for places around. At the end of the journey the visitor can download the information recorded by GPS navigation system and take a walk to places passed by.

Also friendly and helpful New Hackney helps the people to cope with the city transport problems. Accessible and roomy as London Olympic Stadium it can quickly pick the disabled person into salon close to driver. Siting in the front part of the vehicle the person feels much comfortable, enjoys the trip and communicates with the driver.

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