Tarantula is a multipurpose spacecraft with magnetic joints solution, interchangeable cockpit and hovering abilityes. The cockpit can be exchanged with artificial intelligence unit.

Tarantula spacecraft

Tarantula tail details

Tarantula cockpit and body zoom-in

Tarantula nose

With help of DeviantArt community started to develop new visual style for BS series artworks. Using Request Critique has released few of my chakras. Inspired by the result redone the original BS Tarantula artwork into darker colours variant. The the ship got some new elements and became more expressive then the original, I guess.

Original Tarantula design

Vessel rendering steps.
Tarantula rendering first step

Tarantula rendering basic shapes

Tarantula noise layer

Tarantula color patches

Tarantula details trial

Tarantula parting lines and markings

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