Pogi - cute electroshock weapon

Pogi - tough electroshock weapon with an innocent toy guise. The ultimate solution for a ladies personal protective equipment and cute on bag toy. Pugi is hidden form attackers sight under funny toy character that can be used  instantly to change the situation in favor of the victim. Its an easily accessible tool in a moment of a high tense and a very stressed situation. The research results shows that 90% of ladies can not approach their self protection weapon in the critical, pressured moment just because of the mess in the bag. The concept of Pogi is based on solving of this special problem.

Pogi electroshock weapon

The design is inspired from japanese anime characters. It's scared look empathizes with a frightened state of a wearer, but like any hero character he ready to use its fantastic power for the justice.

Pogi initial sketches

Most of its life Pogi handled upside down in order to facilitate quick access to its main function.

Pogi upside down

To enhance the grip and isolate the internal components, legs and arms made of soft silicon material and the body is coated by colored rubber touch finish.

Pogi side

The Pogi's tongue is a switch button protected from accidental press by body frame.

Pogi front and back

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