BSAL Drone, work in progress.

Here we go... Work in progress on BSAL spacecraft in Cinema 4D. Working on the design of drone which derives from initial drawings.

The project is moving slowly, just because I'm learning the software and its features. One of the main tools is used in the process is Body Paint. Awesome thing allows to paint over surfaces just like in Photoshop. Another discovery is the final render may look like it is drawn in Photoshop. The big wonder is that animation is stylised as quick 2D matte painting.

Work environment to your attention.

Clay material, which is very helpful to initiate morphology buildup helps to see bad surfaces. The spacecraft has flat fuselage packed with electronics. It has an option for canopy connection at the frontal bottom part. The canopy is optional feature which may be modelled in much later stage.

Real world size.

Next step is to work on clean white surface adding details like ribs, jets, braking flips.

The overall shape seems to look well balanced and dynamic.

The next step is to use rendered image for over-paint or sketch-over. Helps to develop plenty of variations in less time as it would take in 3D. The results were not satisfying, bit too obvious.

Later I met Vadim, a very talented guy, promising designer and good friend of mine Vadim Motov and requested to comment on the design. Vadim took it very seriously and made his version. Double tail and triangular intake, opening in the middle and some rigid wing connectors. Nice, ha! Several details are seems to work very well.

After the experiments, started to work Body Paint feature trying to lay down nicely the parting lines and markings. Something really surprising happened with the surface when I applied various greys. It became kinda weathered out and dirty emphasising the artificial Photoshop quick render look. Lovely appearance.

Additional details were added at this step. The flip got a chrome hydraulic cylinder and frontal part got sensors unit with glowing eye.

Up to now. The vessel is not finished yet, although the direction can be clearly seen, even previewed from various angles.

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