7th Sector Sea Monster

Sea Monster is space to surface vehicle. The vehicle development initially based on ekranoplan layout to fulfil logistics tasks on water worlds of 7th Sector. Several innovative features developed for the vessel: orbital drop, thermo-resistant chameleon skin, teflon belly coating, wing electromagnetic joints.

Sector 7: Futurescape SketchWall Challenge submission.

 Sea Monster space to surface ekarnoplan layout vehicle

Sea Monster nose

Sea Monster tail

First test flights revealed construction weaknesses of early four-intake engines. During Orbit Drop trials were discovered several engine failures which lead to crash of vehicle. The main reasons to failure were high drag force of the block shape, low power in generator unit to sustain stable anti-gravity field plus weak structure of the engine block. On the later stage of development the problematic engines were replaced with two fused double engines with classic round form which drastically improved safety and performance of the vehicle.

Early version of Sea Monster

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