Skateboards hanger at Webpgr

Some time ago I performed a present for my good friend and co-founder of Webpgr, where I work.

The board hanger for Falko's various skateboards. The hanger is designed to hold 9 differently shaped rides with various wheel sizes.

Skateboard parking

Falko's long board

Boards Only

Webpgr office, skateboard hanger

For the wall hanger design I tested several variations and the final decision led to a kind of a parking lot design. Three from about 10 design variations presented bellow. I generated, multiple structural concepts where one of them was acrylic laser cutting, but due to low budget we cut to the vinyl sticker and off-the-shelf clips hanger. And the nice thing about this clips that it carries same name as Falko's family name. :)

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